Royal Peeps have completed their debut CD, Alessia’s Walk, in August of 2010 at the Sea Palace Recording Studio in Palos Verdes.  Producer and song writer Cristian Basso features a closely held assortment of friends and fellow artists to perform on the (11) song, original funk-soul, recording. The music embodies soulful vocals, jackhammer back beats, pulsating rhythms and timeless, non-explicit lyrics.

This band recorded (14) songs in studios across the United States including locations in Los Angeles, CA, New Orleans, LA, Chicago, IL and Colorado. The balance of the tracks including, the songs being written in the interim, may be released as singles that Basso projects as being “tight”.

The tracks on the record were inspired by the daily walks Cristian and his new born daughter, Alessia, took through the Colorado Rocky Mountain alpine-desert landscapes. Ultimately this life-changing experience inspired the title of record, Alessia’s Walk. Together they began this journey in search of truth, and what they found was honesty and a genuine love for life. The songs are snapshots taken during the life of the new father.

The core artists involved in the recording are Leo Nocentelli (The Meters) on rhythm guitars and solos, Darren Pujalet (Particle) on drums and percussion, Ty Taylor (Vintage Trouble) on vocals, CR Gruver (Kirk Joseph’s Backyard Groove) on B-3 and piano and Cristian Basso (Leo Nocentelli Trio) on bass guitar and keyboards.  Each artist brings their world-class musicianship to the studio and now the original vision has become what we call, Royal Peeps.



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